Rank 'Em: Worst NFL Contracts

Created: February 19, 2009, 10:55 AM

Where does Michael Vick's contract rank among the worst?

Long-term commitment and guaranteed money. In the NFL, as in any other professional league, these contractual clauses can spell disaster for an overzealous franchise looking for a quick fix in the free agent market. Some teams learn from the experience of an albatross contract, quickly becoming more fiscally responsible. While others (we're looking at you Raider Nation), appear stuck in a vicious cycle of high-spending and overcommitment.

But which NFL contracts represent the worst of the worst? Our friends over at Page 2 have come up with their Top 10 and now it's up to SportsNation to submit its own rankings. Was Scott Mitchell's second contract with the Lions worse than Daunte Culpepper's 10-year deal with the Vikings? Was Larry Brown's 1996 deal with the Raiders a bigger mistake than Adam Archuleta's 2006 contract with the Redskins?

Cast your rankings and then see how the rest of SportsNation voted!

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  • Seahawks, 2006 - eight years, $62 million, $15.1 million guaranteed.
  • Redskins, 2006 - seven years, $35 million; earned $5.6 million in one season before being traded for sixth-round pick.
  • Browns, 2006 - six years, $36 million, $12.5 million in guarantees.
  • Raiders, 1996 - five years, $12.5 million total, with $3.5 million signing bonus.
  • Vikings, 2003 - 10 years, $102 million, $16 million signing bonus.
  • Raiders, 2008 - paid $8 million for eight games.
  • Redskins, 2006 - six years, $30 million, nearly $12 million guaranteed.
  • Lions, 1997 - four years, $21 million, $8 million signing bonus.
  • Falcons, 2004 - 10 years, $130 million, $37 million in guaranteed bonuses.
  • Raiders, 2008 - six years, $55 million, $16 million guaranteed.