Rank 'Em: Playoff Coaches

Created: April 16, 2009, 10:47 AM

Where does the man who guides LeBron and the Cavaliers rank?

It's difficult to win or lose a basketball game wearing a suit and loafers, but coaches undoubtedly exert quite a bit of influence on how NBA playoff games unfold.

As the NBA playoffs begin, 16 coaches are poised to try and outsmart the guy on the other bench. But only one will get to hold the trophy at the end of the run.

Where does Tony DiLeo's season-saving performance in Philadelphia rank against Phil Jackson's collection of rings? Mike Brown led the Cavaliers to the best record in the league, but is he your top choice for the postseason? Rank the field of coaches, SportsNation!

  • Houston Rockets
    This season: 53-29
    Career: 864-533
  • Cleveland Cavaliers
    This season: 66-16
    Career: 211-117
  • Dallas Mavericks
    This season: 50-32
    Career: 331-243
  • Detroit Pistons
    This season: 39-42
    Career: 39-42
  • Chicago Bulls
    This season: 41-41
    Career: 41-41
  • Philadelphia 76ers
    This season: 32-27
    Career: 32-27
  • Los Angeles Lakers
    This season: 65-17
    Career: 1041-435
  • Denver Nuggets
    This season: 54-27
    Career: 933-641
  • Portland Trail Blazers
    This season: 54-28
    Career: 360-363
  • San Antonio Spurs
    This season: 53-28
    Career: 685-330
  • Boston Celtics
    This season: 62-20
    Career: 401-348
  • New Orleans Hornets
    This season: 49-32
    Career: 349-348
  • Utah Jazz
    This season: 48-34
    Career: 1137-751
  • Miami Heat
    This season: 43-39
    Career: 43-39
  • Orlando Magic
    This season: 59-23
    Career: 223-126
  • Atlanta Hawks
    This season: 47-35
    Career: 153-257