Rank 'Em: NFL's top owners

Created: May 9, 2011, 11:26 AM

The Patriots have won 180 games in 17 seasons under Robert Kraft's ownership.

How do the best franchise owners in the NFL stack up?

NFL owners don't exactly have the best reputation right now, but putting collective bargaining squabbles aside, which of these power brokers are the best examples of how to run a franchise? Is it the Rooney family and its model of consistency? The multiarmed executive committee of the Packers? The tight-run ship helmed by Robert Kraft?

Below you'll find the experts' top 10 picks. How would you rank them? Simply click on the photos to begin.

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  • Pittsburgh Steelers
    Experts rank: 1
  • New England Patriots
    Experts rank: 2
  • Green Bay Packers Executive Committee
    Pictured: Mark Murphy
    Experts rank: 3

    Executive Committee members: Mark Murphy, Larry Weyers, Carl Kuehne, Mark McMullen, Daniel Ariens, John Bergstrom and Edward Martin
  • John Mara, Steve Tisch
    New York Giants
    Pictured: John Mara
    Experts rank: 4
  • Philadelphia Eagles
    Experts rank: 5
  • Baltimore Ravens
    Experts rank: 6
  • Indianapolis Colts
    Experts rank: 7
  • Dallas Cowboys
    Experts rank: 8
  • Atlanta Falcons
    Experts rank: 9
  • New York Jets
    Experts rank: 10