Rank 'Em: '80s Greatest Moments

Created: July 6, 2009, 1:16 PM

Where does Doug Flutie's moment rank?

It was the decade that launched Michael Jordan's reign and brought us the best of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. It was the decade of Wayne Gretzky, Joe Montana and John McEnroe in their primes, and a decade when both heavyweight title fights and the Indianapolis 500 still meant something. It was the '80s.

Page 2's David Schoenfield narrowed down a decade's worth of highlights to the 80 greatest moments, but we're looking for your take on the top 10.

From a miracle win in Lake Placid to a dynasty sustained in Super Bowl XXIII, we've listed Schoenfield's top 10 in chronological order below. Rank away; it's a rad list.

  • Lake Placid, 1980, Soviet Union, Al Michaels. What other hints do you need?
  • The catch that launched a dynasty: Clark hauls in Joe Montana's pass in the 1981 NFC Championship Game.
  • Breaks the all-time hits record in 1982. The other thing made the list at No. 11.
  • Cal, Stanford, a kickoff, a bunch of laterals and one band on the field prematurely.
  • Last-second dunk gives Jim Valvano and NC State the national championship.
  • The signature moment of a Heisman season came when Flutie made his last-second heave to Gerald Phelan to beat Miami.
  • The 47-year-old birdied No. 17 en route to winning the 1986 Masters.
  • Before Red Sox Nation's recent run of global domination, Buckner's World Series error seemed to epitomize a franchise's bad luck
  • Jack Buck didn't believe what he had just seen, but Gibson's limping, pinch-hit home run lifted the Dodgers to a World Series win and paved the way for a series sweep.
  • After pointing out John Candy in the stands, Montana calmly leads the 49ers to the winning touchdown, courtesy of John Taylor, in Super Bowl XXIII.