Rank 'Em: Home Run Derby

Created: July 13, 2009, 7:51 AM

Who will challenge Albert Pujols?

Just as Tiger Woods welcomed some of golf's best players to his tournament by taking home the title, Albert Pujols may be a less than generous host when the Home Run Derby comes to his ballpark Monday in St. Louis.

The hometown hero may be the clear favorite to win the slugging festivities, but there are seven other players hoping to launch some shots of their own. How do you size up the field of contenders, SportsNation? Will Pujols' primary competition come from fellow National Leaguers, or does the American League have some sleepers in its lineup?

  • Texas Rangers
    22 HR
    13.5 AB/HR
  • Milwaukee Brewers
    22 HR
    14.0 AB/HR
  • San Diego Padres
    24 HR
    12.7 AB/HR
  • Philadelphia Phillies
    22 HR
    15.0 AB/HR
  • Detroit Tigers
    21 HR
    14.2 AB/HR
  • Minnesota Twins
    15 HR
    16.1 AB/HR
  • Tampa Bay Rays
    24 HR
    13.0 AB/HR
  • St. Louis Cardinals
    32 HR
    9.6 AB/HR