Rank 'Em: NFL's top defensive players

Created: August 5, 2009, 9:10 AM

Is Ray Lewis one of the top defensive players in the NFL?

The old saying still holds true, offense wins games and defense wins championships. Just ask any of the most dominating defensive players in the NFL and they will tell you, offense will carry you to the playoffs but the defensive side of the ball is where champions are made.

From the hard hitting safeties and cornerbacks to the sacking ability of the tackles and linebackers, defensive players are counted on to demoralize the opposing offense. They are out there to put fear in the opposing team's hearts and let them know that if they cross the line of scrimmage that all bets are off. But which defensive players are the best of the best on the gridiron? It's time for the 'Nation to choose!

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  • Oakland Raiders, CB
  • Pittsburgh Steelers, LB
  • Washington Redskins, DT
  • Baltimore Ravens, LB
  • Carolina Panthers, DE
  • Pittsburgh Steelers, S
  • Miami Dolphins, LB
  • Baltimore Ravens, S
  • Dallas Cowboys, LB
  • San Francisco 49ers, LB