Rank 'Em: Best Athlete Golfers

Created: October 17, 2009, 11:36 AM

Is Tony Romo the best athlete golfer?

Golf is a relaxing yet challenging sport, so it's no surprise current and former athletes turn to the greens every chance they get. From playing a friendly 9-hole game with friends to attempting to qualify for the U.S. Open, golf is definitely a serious pastime for athletes.

GolfDigest.com is bringing you the top athlete golfers from different sports. Superstars such as Brett Favre, John Smoltz and Mario Lemieux broke the top 20 list, but are any of them No. 1? Will Tony Romo get your vote for best athlete golfer after coming up short in qualifying for the U.S. Open? Where do you rank NFL Hall of Famers John Elway and Jerry Rice? Submit your rankings now! You must rank at least FIVE athletes for your vote to count.


  • St. Louis Rams QB
    Handicap: 1.9
  • Former NFL QB
    Handicap: 0.9
  • Professional tennis player
    Handicap: 0.0
  • Minnesota Vikings QB
    Handicap: 1
  • Tennessee Titans P
    Handicap: plus-2.8
  • Washington Nationals P
    Handicap: 0
  • Former NHL RW
    Handicap: 0.0
  • New Jersey Devils LW/RW
    Handicap: 0.8
  • Former NHL C
    Handicap: 1.1
  • Colorado Avalanche D
    Handicap: 0.8
  • Former Miami Dolphin QB
    Handicap: 1.9
  • Former MLB 1B
    Handicap: plus-2.2
  • Dallas Stars C
    Handicap: 1.3
  • Former NFL WR
    Handicap: plus-0.7
  • World-Champion skier
    Handicap: 0
  • Dallas Cowboys QB
    Handicap: plus-3.3
  • Former ATP player
    Handicap: p0.5
  • Boston Bruins C
    Handicap: 0.6
  • Former MLB 3B
    Handicap: plus-1.1
  • St. Louis Cardinals P
    Handicap: 1.6