Rank 'Em: Decade's Greatest Teams

Created: December 7, 2009, 3:23 PM

Kobe Bryant holding a trophy was a familiar sight in the 2000s.

If we're just counting championships, it's Connecticut women's basketball hands down. But we all know the debate over the team of the decade is much more complicated than that.

Let's start for instance with the sports themselves. Is winning a Super Bowl tougher than winning a World Series? Which sport has more parity? Is a Final Four appearance more impressive than a conference final in the NBA? Once you have that figured out, tackle the issue of weighing playoff appearances against overall win percentage.

Below you will find 15 teams that excelled in every category over the last 10 years. Scroll over the logos for the specifics and then start clicking to set your rankings.

You must rank at least FIVE for your vote to count.

  • 920-699 (.578), two World Series titles, six playoff seasons, one division title.
  • 965-641 (.601), two World Series titles, nine playoff seasons, eight division titles.
  • 530-290 (.646), four NBA titles, two runner-ups, five division titles, nine playoff seasons.
  • 576-224 (.702), three NBA titles, seven division titles, 10 playoff seasons.
  • Two Stanley Cup titles, one runner-up, four President's trophies for NHL's best record, nine 100-point seasons.
  • 109-47 (.699), three Super Bowl titles, one runner-up, six playoff seasons, 16-0 regular season.
  • 113-43 (.724), one Super Bowl title, eight playoff seasons, seven straight 12-win seasons.
  • 251-94 (.728), two NCAA titles, three Final Fours, eight NCAA tournaments.
  • 282-69 (.803), one NCAA title, three Final Fours, 10 NCAA tournaments.
  • 291-60 (.829), one NCAA title, two Final Fours, 10 NCAA tournaments.
  • 99-30 (.767), two-time national champion, 4-5 bowl record.
  • 101-26 (.795). two-time national champion, 6-2 bowl record.
  • 99-30 (.767), two-time national champion, 7-2 bowl record.
  • 110-18 (.859), one-time national champion, 7-2 bowl record.
  • 339-28 (.924), five-time national champion, seven Final Fours, two perfect seasons.