Rank 'Em: Super Bowl Moments

Created: January 26, 2010, 11:44 AM

David Tyree's catch helped set up one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history.

They are the moments we never forget. The ones that make even the most out-of-place, non-sports loving Super Bowl party participant sit up and take notice. They are moments in time that every Super Bowl player knows he is capable of producing the minute he steps on the field.

Giants fans will never forget David Tyree's incredible catch, making use of every part of his natural abilities and his uniform, for all the right reasons, and Bills fans will forever have Scott Norwood's swinging right leg stuck in their collective consciousness for all the wrong reasons. Both have legitimate claim as the most memorable moment in time in Super Bowl history.

Below are the 10 candidates courtesy of ESPN.com NFL senior writer, John Clayton, each of which he saw with his own eyes as they happened. Refresh your memory by scrolling over the images and then click to cast your vote.

You must rank at least five moments to cast your ballot.

  • Super Bowl X
    Lynn Swann's acrobatic 53-yard reception helped him earn MVP honors as his Steelers defeated the Cowboys.
  • Super Bowl XVIII
    Marcus Allen picked up 74 of his 191 yards rushing for the Raiders on one picture-perfect scamper on the way to a 38-9 win over the Redskins.
  • Super Bowl XXV
    The Bills never won a Super Bowl. But they had one in their grasps. Scott Norwood's kick went wide right and Super Bowl XXV went to the Giants.
  • Super Bowl XXX
    With four minutes to play, Cowboys cornerback Larry Brown picked off Neil O'Donnell and returned it 22 yards to the Steelers' six yard line.
  • Super Bowl XXXI
    Desmond Howard caught the kickoff at the one-yard line and ran 99 yards into the end zone helping the Packers defeat the Patriots.
  • Super Bowl XXXII
    John Elway charged forward on a third and six and was hit twice, sending him into a helicopter-like spin before hitting the ground with a first down.
  • Super Bowl XXXIV
    Kevin Dyson was stopped one yard short of the end zone by Rams linebacker Mike Jones in the closing seconds of a 23-16 Rams victory.
  • Super Bowl XXXVI
    Back when the Patriots were considered an underdog, Adam Vinatieri changed all that with a 48-yard game winner that started a mini-dynasty.
  • Super Bowl XLI
    David Tyree's circus catch against the undefeated Patriots was something to behold, as was Eli Manning's frantic scramble and escape to get him the ball.
  • Super Bowl XLIII
    Any play of 100 yards is sure to get you on the list of most memorable plays in Super Bowl history. Even better when it comes in a 27-23 nailbiter that your team wins.