Rank 'Em: One-Ring Starting Quarterbacks

Created: January 29, 2010, 1:07 PM

Warner won his only ring with the Rams in Super Bowl XXXIV.

Kurt Warner's fairy tale NFL career came to an end Friday with his retirement announcement.

Warner leaves the league as one of the most accomplished players in NFL history. Over a 12-year career, he was named to five Pro Bowls, made two All-Pro teams, was twice named league MVP and won one Super Bowl as a starter (in which he was named the game's most valuable player).

Warner's lone Super Bowl victory puts him on an eclectic list of starting quarterbacks with one title to their names. From all-time greats like Brett Favre to big personalities like Jim McMahon, 17 men have started and won pro football's biggest game but once in their careers.

Below, we've listed the 17, and now it's up to you to rank them from top to bottom.

  • Super Bowl IV
  • Super Bowl XXXV
  • Super Bowl XXXI
  • Super Bowl XXV
  • Super Bowl XXXVII
  • Super Bowl XLII
  • Super Bowl XLI
  • Super Bowl XX
  • Super Bowl III
  • Super Bowl XVI
  • Super Bowl XXI
  • Super Bowl XI
  • Super Bowl XVII
  • Super Bowl V
  • Super Bowl XXXIV
  • Super Bowl XXII
  • Super Bowl XXIX