Rank 'Em: College Football Defensive Players

Created: May 17, 2010, 6:20 PM

Marvin Austin is just one part of UNC's intimidating defense.

They say defense wins championships. If that's the case, the ten players below are the players you want on your side for the upcoming college football season.

Taking the best defenders from Mel Kiper's latest 2011 Big Board, it's up to you to rank them from top to bottom. Will North Carolina's Robert Quinn wreak havoc on the ACC this year? Will Marcel Dareus help defend Alabama's championship?

You must rank at least FIVE to submit your ballot.
  • DE, North Carolina
  • DE, Miami
  • DT, USC
  • DE, Iowa
  • DE, Alabama
  • CB, Virginia
  • DE, Ohio State
  • CB, LSU
  • DE, North Carolina
  • CB, Texas