Rank 'Em: Squandered Opportunities

Created: May 24, 2010, 10:28 AM

Where does Mike Brown rank?

Which coach squandered the greatest opportunity when handed a budding superstar?

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird will go down in basketball history as five of the greatest players of all time. The men who coached them early on, Mike Brown, Del Harris, Doug Collins, Paul Westhead and Bill Fitch, respectively, aren't as likely to top any lists of the handful of greatest coaches in the league's long history.

But as Brown adds his name to the latter list after having been fired by the Cavaliers, who most squandered the opportunity to put his name in the same pantheon of coaches as Pat Riley and Phil Jackson?

  • Star coached
    LeBron James

    Regular-season W-L with star: 272-138

    Playoff W-L with star: 42-29
  • Star coached
    Michael Jordan

    Regular-season W-L with star: 137-109

    Playoff W-L with star: 13-17
  • Star coached
    Larry Bird

    Regular-season W-L with star: 242-86

    Playoff W-L with star: 26-19 (1980-81 NBA champions)
  • Star coached
    Kobe Bryant

    Regular-season W-L with star: 123-53

    Playoff W-L with star: 11-11
  • Star coached
    Magic Johnson

    Regular-season W-L with star: 111-50

    Playoff W-L with star: 13-6 (1979-80 NBA champions)