Rank 'Em: All-Time Best Free Agents

Created: June 28, 2010, 12:36 PM

Will LeBron James soon top all of these signings?

Who was the best free-agent signing of all time?

Headlined by LeBron James, this year's class of NBA free agents -- also including Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Amare Stoudemire -- is being hailed as the best of all time. Given the nature of media these days, James is almost certainly the highest-profile free agent of all time. But it's not like big names haven't changed teams in the past. Some of them even had championships to their credit when they did it.

Consider the 10 big-name free agents who paid dividends at least as hefty as their reputations for new teams and rank some of the best signings of all time.

  • Year: 1993
    Signed with Giants
    Left Pirates
  • Year: 2006
    Signed with Saints
    Left Chargers
  • Year: 1977
    Signed with Yankees
    Left A's
  • Year: 1999
    Signed with Diamondbacks
    Left Astros
  • Year: 1993
    Signed with Braves
    Left Cubs
  • Year: 2004
    Signed with Suns
    Left Mavericks
  • Year: 1996
    Signed with Lakers
    Left Magic
  • Year: 1980
    Signed with Astros
    Left Angels
  • Year: 2006
    Signed with Cardinals
    Left Giants
  • Year: 1993
    Signed with Packers
    Left Eagles