Rank 'Em: Best Derby Moments

Created: July 12, 2010, 11:02 AM

Did Josh Hamilton have the greatest Home Run Derby moment ever?

The Home Run Derby is a sure bet to produce at least one memorable moment (usually centered on a skilled gentleman hitting a ball very, very far), but which instances truly stick in the memory?

Josh Hamilton's bombardment in 2008 set records, but it wasn't the first time a player had gone bonkers in the Derby. David Ortiz, Mark McGwire, Bobby Abreu and Miguel Tejada all have barrages of their own to boast about. Do you prefer the longest home runs over the most? Frank Thomas and Cecil Fielder would like a word with you.

Jayson Stark has given his choices, but which do you think is the greatest moment of all time? Cast your vote now!

You must rank at least FIVE for your vote to count.

  • Fielder hits two home runs that come down in the Sight Lines Bar at the SkyDome.
  • Ripken's 12 home runs provide a capstone to his MVP season.
  • Griffey hits the first home run that makes contact with the B & O Warehouse across the street from Camden Yards.
  • Thomas hits a ball so far (519 feet) that the Pirates put a star on the seat and have him sign it.
  • Barry Bonds beats Mark McGwire as the two sluggers trade monstrous shots.
  • Griffey goes nuts in Coors Field, hitting 19 homers on 42 swings.
  • McGwire hits bomb after bomb over the Green Monster.
  • Sosa's 12 first-round home runs average 477 feet.
  • Tejada wins, but Berkman hits five clean out of Minute Maid Park.
  • Abreu hits 41 total home runs in the Derby.
  • Ortiz puts on a show of his own after Abreu's festivities, hitting 17 in one round.
  • Howard puts six balls in the river at PNC Park.
  • Wright's 16 homers in the first round rank as the fourth-best round ever.
  • Hamilton launches 28 home runs in one round.
  • In winning the Derby, Fielder hit more than 10,000 feet worth of home runs.