Rank 'Em: NFL egos

Created: July 27, 2010, 10:46 AM

Where does Terrell Owens rank?

Who do you rank first when it comes to NFL players with a penchant for putting themselves front and center in the spotlight?

NFL training camps are just getting under way around the gridiron landscape, but some familiar names aren't wasting much time. Albert Haynesworth had Redskins teammates calling him selfish long before camp, Brett Favre doesn't appear likely to show up for Vikings camp any time soon, and Dez Bryant chafed at his rookie responsibilities from the outset in Cowboys camp. And now the Bengals might pair Terrell Owens with Chad Ochocinco?

Sometimes entertaining, sometimes infuriating, the players below don't need teammates to make headlines. How do you size up some of the league's most famous egos?

  • Cowboys
    Missed most of his final season at Oklahoma State following a suspension for lying to the NCAA about a visit with Deion Sanders. Made waves early in first training camp by refusing to carry Roy Williams' pads.
  • Vikings
    Drama about his future plans is a longer-running summer staple than "Wipeout" at this point.
  • Redskins
    When you've earned the nickname "Me-Angelo" Hall, you've done enough to make this list. Well-traveled cornerback's resume doesn't seem to match his perception of his skills.
  • Redskins
    Managed to so aggravate his own teammates that some have publicly called him selfish. Took a big contract from the Redskins but doesn't want to play in team's new 3-4 defense.
  • Eagles
    Why bother waiting until you actually score to ditch the ball and start celebrating? And as it turned out, it wasn't even the first time he struggled with that pesky requirement.
  • Dolphins
    No friend to the lowly staffers who have to chase the balls he kicks away in angry fits, Marshall had his share of clashes with the Broncos before earning his way out of town.
  • Patriots
    Tom Brady came to his defense against accusations of a lack of effort last season, and he's been productive in New England, but he perhaps permanently lost the benefit of the doubt during his stay in Oakland.
  • Bengals
    The last name is sort of a clue for a player whom many find entertaining -- including, it often seems, himself first and foremost.
  • Unsigned
    He's almost a lock for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but his resume for this list is stronger than his receiving resume.
  • Saints
    At least he played on this Super Bowl champion, although his fame and off-field appearances still seem to outweigh his contributions to titles with both the Giants and Saints.