Rank 'Em: Scouts Inc.'s top players

Created: August 25, 2010, 7:08 AM

Where does Patrick Willis rank?

Who are the best players in the NFL?

Even excluding the guys who star on special teams, more than 700 players will line up as NFL starters in Week 1 of the regular season. That's a lot of competition when it comes to proving yourself one of the best in the game. Sorting through all the talent and all the positions, Scouts Inc. came up with its list of the top 200 players in the NFL. But we want your take on the best of the best, SportsNation.

Below you'll find the 21 players Scouts Inc. graded as 90 or better out of 100 possible points, listed in alphabetical order. Who do you consider the best of the best?

  • CB, Raiders
  • QB, Patriots
  • QB, Saints
  • WR, Cardinals
  • TE, Chargers
  • LB, Steelers
  • WR, Texans
  • RB, Titans
  • C, Jets
  • QB, Colts
  • DE, Bears
  • RB, Vikings
  • S, Steelers
  • S, Ravens
  • CB, Jets
  • QB, Chargers
  • QB, Steelers
  • OT, Browns
  • LB, Cowboys
  • DE, Texans
  • LB, 49ers