Rank 'Em: Favorite sports

Created: August 31, 2010, 9:59 AM

Where does the NFL rank?

What are your favorite sports, SportsNation?

The approach of autumn means we're getting closer and closer to those magical few days each year when all four major professional leagues and college football are all playing at the same time. But are the traditional four major pro leagues -- MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL -- even your favorite professional sports? Do college basketball and football trump just about anything of the pro variety? And what about historical mainstays like boxing and horse racing?

It's a crowded sports landscape these days, with dozens of sports fighting for your support. So which sports matter the most to you?

How are the points calculated?
On a poll with 10 options, a No.1 ranking equals 10 points, a No.2 ranking equals 9 points, etc. The item with the most points will be ranked first.
  • Pictured: Lance Armstrong
  • Pictured: Kerri Walsh
  • Pictured: Manny Pacquiao
  • Pictured: Mike Krzyzewski
  • Pictured: Mark Ingram
  • Pictured: Wayne Rooney
  • Pictured: Travis Pastrana
  • Pictured: Funny Cide
  • Pictured: Dario Franchitti
  • Pictured: Tim Lincecum
  • Pictured: Landon Donovan
  • Pictured: Randy Couture
  • Pictured: Jimmie Johnson
  • Pictured: LeBron James
  • Pictured: Drew Brees
  • Pictured: Steve Mason
  • Pictured: Michael Phelps
  • Pictured: Roger Federer
  • Pictured: Usain Bolt
  • Pictured: Diana Taurasi