Rank 'Em: 2010 AFC South predictions

Created: August 31, 2010, 1:52 PM

Where do the Texans rank?

What will the order of finish be in the AFC South?

A new NFL season is almost upon us, offering 31 teams a chance to improve on disappointing conclusions to last season. But if the ultimate goal is to stand where the Saints stood after the last Super Bowl, taking care of divisional business is the first step.

How will the action unfold in the AFC South? The Colts led the way last season with a 14-2 overall record, while a 1-5 divisional record doomed the Texans. Make your 2010 predictions below.

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  • 2009 overall: 14-2
    2009 division: 6-0
  • 2009 overall: 7-9
    2009 division: 3-3
  • 2009 overall: 9-7
    2009 division: 1-5
  • 2009 overall: 8-8
    2009 division: 2-4