Rank 'Em: Pac-10 quarterbacks

Created: October 20, 2010, 1:54 PM

Where does Darron Thomas rank?

Who are the best quarterbacks in the Pac-10?

If Mel Kiper's "Big Board" is any indication, Pac-10 quarterbacks could have a banner day when next year's NFL draft rolls around. But putting aside future prospects, what is the balance of power when it comes to playing on Saturday? Stanford's Andrew Luck is piling up numbers, but so is Matt Barkley at USC. Darron Thomas is making fans in Oregon forget all about Jeremiah Masoli. And did you know Arizona State's Steven Threet leads the league in passing yards per game?

Consider the contenders below, including guys dealing with injuries at Arizona and UCLA, and rank the Pac-10 quarterbacks.

  • USC
    167.30 QB rating
    1,869 yards, 20 TD
  • Arizona
    156.37 QB rating
    1,600 yards, 9 TD
  • Oregon State
    132.85 QB rating
    1,319 yards, 10 TD
  • Washington
    132.56 QB rating
    1,431 yards, 13 TD
  • Stanford
    166.86 QB rating
    1,538 yards, 16 TD
  • UCLA
    78.89 QB rating
    384 yards, 3 TD
  • Cal
    136.66 QB rating
    1,124 yards, 11 TD
  • Oregon
    153.12 QB rating
    1,231 yards, 14 TD
  • Arizona State
    133.19 QB rating
    1,719 yards, 11 TD
  • Washington State
    127.32 QB rating
    1,735 yards, 10 TD