Rank 'Em: BCS champions

Created: January 10, 2011, 4:55 PM

Where does Auburn stand?

Where does Auburn rank alongside previous Bowl Championship Series winners?

The 13-year history of the BCS has created some memorable teams including the Auburn Tigers, who finished the season 14-0 with a 22-19 win over the Oregon Ducks, becoming the ninth BCS champion to finish the season undefeated. While it wasn't exactly the offensive battle we were expecting, it was a close one. Thanks to a late fourth-quarter run by Michael Dyer and an impressive performance from the Tigers' defense, Auburn edged out the Oregon Ducks and claimed the national title.

Is Auburn in the same class as the 2004 Trojans, 2005 Longhorns or even last year's Crimson Tide? Below you'll find every BCS national champion. The final order is up to you.

  • 14-0; Def. Oregon 22-19
    Offensive MVP: Michael Dyer
    Defensive MVP: Nick Fairley
  • 14-0; Def. Texas 37-21
    Offensive MVP: Mark Ingram
    Defensive MVP: Marcell Dareus
  • 13-1; Def. Oklahoma 24-14
    Offensive MVP: Tim Tebow
    Defensive MVP: Carlos Dunlap
  • 12-2; Def. OSU 38-24
    Offensive MVP: Matt Flynn
    Defensive MVP: Ricky Jean-Francois
  • 13-1; Def. OSU 41-14
    Offensive MVP: Chris Leak
    Defensive MVP: Derrick Harvey
  • 13-0; Def. USC 41-38
    Offensive MVP: Vince Young
    Defensive MVP: Michael Huff
  • 11-0; Def. Oklahoma 55-19
    MVP: Matt Leinart
  • 13-1; Def. Oklahoma 21-14
    MVP: Justin Vincent
  • 14-0; Def. Miami 31-24
    MVPs: Craig Krenzel, Mike Doss
  • 12-0; Def. Nebraska 37-14
    MVPs: Ken Dorsey, Andre Johnson
  • 13-0; Def. FSU 13-2
    MVP: Torrance Marshall
  • 12-0; Def. Va. Tech 46-29
    MVP: Peter Warrick
  • 13-0; Def. FSU 23-16
    MVPs: Peerless Price, Dwayne Goodrich