Rank 'Em: NFL MVP Candidates

Created: December 9, 2009, 1:22 PM

It's hard to argue Drew Brees' MVP credentials.

How do you size up the NFL MVP race?

This week was something of a down one for our MVP candidates; no dominant performances really stood out, and many players struggled mightily as the weight of the season has started to catch up with them. Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Brett Favre were inaccurate and hesitant behind center, although Brees' Saints managed to pull out a victory.

Which players are out in front of the race for MVP? Click on the photos below to set your rankings.

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  • Jared Allen
    DE, Vikings
    12.5 sacks, 38 tackles
  • Tom Brady
    QB, Patriots
    96.9 QB rating
    Passing: 22 TD, 10 INT
  • Drew Brees
    QB, Saints
    111.3 QB rating
    Passing: 29 TD, 10 INT
  • Elvis Dumervil
    DE, Broncos
    15.0 sacks, 36 tackles
  • Brett Favre
    QB, Vikings
    108.5 QB rating
    Passing: 26 TD, 5 INT
  • Chris Johnson
    RB, Titans
    Rushing: 1,509 YDS, 9 TD
  • Maurice Jones-Drew
    RB, Jaguars
    Rushing: 1077 YDS, 13 TD
  • Peyton Manning
    QB, Colts
    101.9 QB rating
    Passing: 25 TD, 11 INT
  • Randy Moss
    WR, Patriots
    68 REC, 1058 YDS, 9 TD
  • Adrian Peterson
    RB, Vikings
    Rushing: 1103 YDS, 12 TD
  • Philip Rivers
    QB, Chargers
    104.9 QB rating
    Passing: 21 TD, 9 INT
  • Aaron Rodgers
    QB, Packers
    103.3 QB rating
    Passing: 25 TD, 7 INT
  • Darren Sharper
    S, Saints
    8 INT (3 TD), 51 tackles
  • Reggie Wayne
    WR, Colts
    83 REC, 1035 YDS, 9 TD
  • Charles Woodson
    CB, Packers
    7 INT (2 TD), 58 tackles