Rank 'Em: All-Time Home Run Derby

Created: July 12, 2010, 7:58 AM

Where would Ted Williams finish?

Which slugger would come out on top if some of the all-time greats got a shot in the Home Run Derby?

Josh Hamilton, Bobby Abreu and others have put on shows worthy of Cooperstown in recent editions of the All-Star staple, but what if the real legends lined up in their primes?

From iconic figures like Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron to fallen stars like Mark McGwire, this isn't about ethics or popularity; it's about hitting the ball over the fence. Would Babe Ruth have the endurance? Would Roger Maris put on a show like his 1961 season? Rank the field in their order of finish.

  • Hank Aaron
    Career HR: 755
    Single-season high: 45
  • Barry Bonds
    Career HR: 762
    Single-season high: 73
  • Reggie Jackson
    Career HR: 563
    Single-season high: 47
  • Mickey Mantle
    Career HR: 536
    Single-season high: 54
  • Roger Maris
    Career HR: 275
    Single-season high: 61
  • Willie Mays
    Career HR: 660
    Single-season high: 52
  • Mark McGwire
    Career HR: 583
    Single-season high: 70
  • Frank Robinson
    Career HR: 586
    Single-season high: 49
  • Babe Ruth
    Career HR: 714
    Single-season high: 60
  • Ted Williams
    Career HR: 521
    Single-season high: 43