Rank 'Em: Top NFL linebackers

Created: April 11, 2011, 4:26 PM

Is Patrick Willis the best linebacker in the NFL?

How do the best linebackers in the NFL stack up?

After totaling the votes from ESPN.com's stable of NFL experts, the 49ers' Patrick Willis was a clear No. 1 after a career-high six sacks last season. Ray Lewis, who has said Willis reminds him of a younger version of himself, finished fifth.

Below you'll find all the players who appear in the bloggers' top 15. How would you rank them? Simply click on the photos to begin.

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  • Carolina Panthers
    Experts rank: Tied-9
  • Chicago Bears
    Experts rank: 13
  • Kansas City Chiefs
    Experts rank: Tied-9
  • New York Jets
    Experts rank: 12
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
    Experts rank: 2
  • Baltimore Ravens
    Experts rank: 5
  • Green Bay Packers
    Experts rank: 4
  • New England Patriots
    Experts rank: 6
  • Washington Redskins
    Experts rank: 14
  • Baltimore Ravens
    Experts rank: 11
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
    Experts rank: 15
  • Chicago Bears
    Experts rank: 7
  • Dallas Cowboys
    Experts rank: 3
  • San Francisco 49ers
    Experts rank: 1
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
    Experts rank: 8