Rank 'Em: Greatest closers

Created: September 14, 2011, 7:14 AM

Where does Mariano Rivera rank?

It's the bottom of the ninth. Your team leads by a run but the heart of the opposing order is due up and your starter is gassed. Who do you most want to see coming out of the bullpen to close it out?

The role of the closer is a relatively new entity in baseball, at least by the standards of a sport that has people like Old Hoss Radbourn and Cy Young in its history. But even a modern innovation has milestones and 600 saves is a special one. Mariano Rivera is just the second pitcher to reach that mark, joining all-time leader Trevor Hoffman.

Consider 10 of the greatest closers of all time below and rank the best the ninth inning has ever seen.

  • 390 saves
  • 341 saves
  • 424 saves
  • 310 saves
  • 601 saves
  • 367 saves
  • 600 saves
  • 478 saves
  • 300 saves
  • 422 saves