Rank 'Em: College football coaches

Created: May 19, 2010, 12:10 PM

Where does Lane Kiffin rank?

Who are college football's best coaches?

Who knew the Raiders would be the most stable program in California to employ Lane Kiffin? All right, maybe things haven't gotten that bad at USC, but Kiffin now presides over a program in much different shape than the one Pete Carroll left. Does Kiffin rate as one of the game's best coaches?

Consider the candidates below and put your own value on some of the biggest names on college sidelines.

  • Virginia Tech
  • Texas
  • North Carolina
  • Iowa
  • Florida State
  • Northwestern
  • Oklahoma State
  • Stanford
  • Georgia Tech
  • Notre Dame
  • Oregon
  • USC
  • BYU
  • Florida
  • LSU
  • Penn State
  • TCU
  • Nebraska
  • Boise State
  • Georgia
  • Oregon State
  • Michigan
  • Alabama
  • Miami
  • South Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • California
  • Ohio State
  • Pittsburgh
  • Utah