Rank 'Em: NBA's best players

Created: April 26, 2010, 8:26 AM

Where does Dwyane Wade rank?

Who are the best of the best in the NBA?

The NBA playoffs proved quite the stage for some of the league's best players to strut their stuff. Kobe Bryant was who we thought he was, to borrow a phrase from Dennis Green, but he wasn't alone in putting up big numbers. Kevin Durant had his Thunder competing with the Lakers, Dwyane Wade staved off elimination almost all by himself and Deron Williams fueled a first-round upset.

As the offseason free-agent fervor continues, we're looking for your take on individual excellence. Rank some of the NBA's best players.

  • Carmelo Anthony
    Denver Nuggets
  • Kobe Bryant
    Los Angeles Lakers
  • Tim Duncan
    San Antonio Spurs
  • Kevin Durant
    Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Dwight Howard
    Orlando Magic
  • LeBron James
    Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Steve Nash
    Phoenix Suns
  • Dirk Nowitzki
    Dallas Mavericks
  • Chris Paul
    New Orleans Hornets
  • Dwyane Wade
    Miami Heat
  • Deron Williams
    Utah Jazz