Rank 'Em: Most valuable running backs

Created: March 15, 2011, 8:52 AM

Is Adrian Peterson the NFL's most valuable running back?

Who will be this season's most valuable running back?

While the NFL and NFLPA are keeping themselves busy trying to one-up each other in their public relations battle, we're trying to make sense of the shape of the season that may or may not be. In this case, we're evaluating the league's running back corps. Last season had some breakout stars in Jamaal Charles, Peyton Hillis and Arian Foster, but will they keep up their excellence into this season? Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson didn't suddenly retire, and each will look to re-establish himself as the best running back in football.

Below you'll find 15 of the most productive running backs last season, but determining which ones are most valuable is your challenge.

  • Cincinnati Bengals
    Rushing yards: 1,111
    Rushing TD: 7
  • New York Giants
    Rushing yards: 1,235
    Rushing TD: 8
  • Kansas City Chiefs
    Rushing yards: 1,467
    Rushing TD: 5
  • Houston Texans
    Rushing yards: 1,616
    Rushing TD: 16
  • St. Louis Rams
    Rushing yards: 1,241
    Rushing TD: 6
  • Tennessee Titans
    Rushing yards: 1,364
    Rushing TD: 11
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
    Rushing yards: 1,324
    Rushing TD: 5
  • San Francisco 49ers
    Rushing yards: 853
    Rushing TD: 3
  • Cleveland Browns
    Rushing yards: 1,177
    Rushing TD: 11
  • Philadelphia Eagles
    Rushing yards: 972
    Rushing TD: 7
  • Oakland Raiders
    Rushing yards: 1,080
    Rushing TD: 7
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
    Rushing yards: 1,273
    Rushing TD: 13
  • Minnesota Vikings
    Rushing yards: 1,298
    Rushing TD: 12
  • Baltimore Ravens
    Rushing yards: 1,220
    Rushing TD: 5
  • Atlanta Falcons
    Rushing yards: 1,371
    Rushing TD: 12