Rank 'Em: Heisman Watch 2009

Created: October 20, 2009, 11:06 AM

Mark Ingram and Tim Tebow top the Heisman Watch rankings.

Who are the top Heisman candidates after Week 7?

ESPN's experts have put together this week's Heisman Watch poll of players they think have the best shot at walking to the podium in New York to accept the award. Now it is your turn.

How does the Heisman field look to you? Alabama's Mark Ingram stepped up again with a 246-yard rushing effort against South Carolina while Tim Tebow led his Gators to a tough win against Arkansas. It's up to you, SportsNation, to rank these hopefuls.

  • Jimmy Clausen
    QB, Notre Dame
    115.6 QB rating
    Passing: 14 TD, 2 INT
  • Jacory Harris
    QB, Miami
    99.8 QB rating
    Passing: 11 TD, 7 INT
  • Jerry Hughes
    DT, TCU
  • Mark Ingram
    RB, Alabama
    Rushing: 905 YDS, 8 TD
  • Case Keenum
    QB, Houston
    109.2 QB rating
    Passing: 19 TD, 4 INT
  • Dan LeFevour
    QB, Central Michigan
    107.7 QB rating
    Passing: 14 TD, 4 INT
  • Dion Lewis
    RB, Pittsburgh
    Rushing: 918 YDS, 9 TD
  • Ryan Mathews
    RB, Fresno State
    Rushing: 974 YDS, 7 TD
  • Rolando McClain
    LB, Alabama
  • Colt McCoy
    QB, Texas
    92.5 QB rating
    Passing: 11 TD, 7 INT
  • Kellen Moore
    QB, Boise State
    122.4 QB rating
    Passing: 16 TD, 2 INT
  • Tony Pike
    QB, Cincinnati
    108.7 QB rating
    15 TD, 3 INT
  • Todd Reesing
    QB, Kansas
    105.7 QB rating
    15 TD, 4 INT
  • Ndamukong Suh
    DT, Nebraska
  • Tim Tebow
    QB, Florida
    112.4 QB rating
    Passing: 8 TD, 2 INT
    Rushing: 378 YDS, 5 TD
  • Ryan Williams
    RB, Virginia Tech
    Rushing: 834 YDS, 10 TD