The Franchise QBs: Final rankings of the top signal-callers in Bills history

We've identified the top all-time quarterbacks for every NFL team and asked our NFL Nation beat reporters -- and you, the fans -- to help us determine each signal-caller's place in franchise history.

What follows is the final ranking of the top quarterbacks in Buffalo Bills history, both from our NFL Nation reporter and our final fan polling.

NFL Nation ranking:

1. Jim Kelly

2. Jack Kemp

3. Doug Flutie

4. Joe Ferguson

5. Ryan Fitzpatrick

The 57-year history of Bills quarterbacks is divided into two categories: Jim Kelly and everyone else. Kelly, a first-ballot Hall of Fame selection, is the clear No. 1. After that, it is necessary to compare quarterbacks who played across different eras. Statistically, Kemp falls short of his more modern counterparts, Flutie (1998-2000) and Fitzpatrick (2009-2012). Kemp threw only 77 touchdowns compared to 132 interceptions, and his 55.8 career quarterback rating with Buffalo would land him in unemployment in today's NFL. Even so, Kemp went 43-31-3 as the Bills' starter from 1963-1969, making five trips to the AFL all-star game and winning AFL titles in 1964 and 1965. That is worth enough for the No. 2 spot in my book. -- Mike Rodak

Fan ranking:

All contextual numbers for each quarterback have been provided by ESPN Stats & Information.