The Franchise QBs: Final rankings of top signal-callers in Broncos history

We've identified the top all-time quarterbacks for every NFL team and asked our NFL Nation beat reporters -- and you, the fans -- to help us determine each signal-caller's place in franchise history.

What follows is the final ranking of the top quarterbacks in Denver Broncos history, both from our NFL Nation reporter and our final fan polling.

NFL Nation ranking:

1. John Elway

2. Peyton Manning

3. Jake Plummer

4. Craig Morton

5. Brian Griese

Elway was a franchise changer as the Broncos' only Hall of Fame quarterback, local legend and now the team's chief football decision-maker, having been part of Super Bowl winners both as a player and team executive. In just four seasons, Manning directed the Broncos to four AFC West titles, two Super Bowls and the highest scoring season in NFL history. The vastly under-appreciated Plummer had the franchise's highest winning percentage as a starter until Manning arrived, so he should be No. 3. He also had the team's first 4,000-yard passing season. And Brian Griese (No. 4 in team history with 11,763 yards passing) could check in at No. 5. -- Jeff Legwold

Fan ranking:

All contextual numbers for each quarterback have been provided by ESPN Stats & Information.