The Franchise QBs: Final rankings of the top signal-callers in Oilers/Titans history

We've identified the top all-time quarterbacks for every NFL team, and asked our NFL Nation beat reporters -- and you, the fans -- to help us determine each signal-caller's place in franchise history.

What follows is the final ranking of the top quarterbacks in Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans history, both from our NFL Nation reporter and our final fan polling.

NFL Nation ranking:

1. Warren Moon

2. Steve McNair

3. Dan Pastorini

4. George Blanda

5. Vince Young

Moon engineered some incredible run-and-shoot offenses, and the prime of his Hall of Fame career was with the Houston Oilers. McNair's toughness was his franchise's hallmark during his career, and peaked with a 2003 co-MVP season. Pastorini led the offense though the "Luv Ya Blue" years and was beloved in Houston. Blanda averaged 14.2 yards per completion while throwing for just 195.4 yards a game. The fifth spot was a tough one. But Vince Young gets the nod. Despite his troubles, the Titans were 30-17 in games when he started and he was offensive rookie of the year in 2006. - Paul Kuharsky

All contextual numbers for each quarterback have been provided by ESPN Stats & Information.