Contestants on 'Jeopardy!' completely stumped by NFL category

Michael Irvin, "Mean" Joe Greene and Marcus Allen are three members of the NFL Hall of Fame, and most NFL fans can accurately identify the teams they played for.

In "Jeopardy!" style: Who are the Dallas Cowboys? Who are the Pittsburgh Steelers? Who are the Los Angeles Raiders? (Allen spent most of his career with the Raiders, but he also played for the Kansas City Chiefs.)

In a recent episode of the classic game show, three contestants were totally stumped by the football-related questions.

Good guess by contestant Anupama Srirangan, but the Colorado Rockies are an MLB team.

But did she know something we didn't?

Looks like there really is a Marcus Allen in the Rockies organization -- just not the Super Bowl MVP Marcus Allen whom host Alex Trebek was looking for.

-- Paul Saldaña