Is lockout harder on some NBA players?

NBA players are moving to disband their union, which jeopardizes play this season even further. How are NBA players reacting via Twitter? A few seem concerned about losing their livelihood. Some are taking advantage of the time to kick back or improve. Their reaction seems to vary by how much time they've had to establish themselves in the league.

Take a look. (Be sure to check out the view from Amare's yacht.) Then, in the comments below, tell us which tweet you like best or which one makes your blood boil, SportsNation!

One year of experience

Samardo Samuels (@samardo24)
Why why why...no NBA no problem my album is coming out soon please feel free to be more than one copy.

Two years' experience

Marcus Thornton (@OfficialMT23)
Never would've thought this lockout would go this long and be this difficult to get thru time to maybe consider other options

Austin Daye (@Adaye5)
ppl do ur research understand both sides then express ur opinion!! Are jobs are only as secure as are youth remember that!

Four years' experience

C.J. Watson (@quietstorm_32)
Let me go ahead and register for these last two classes I got to take to get my college degree since don't look like its goin to b a season

Five years' experience

Shannon Brown (@ShannonBrown)
This lockout is a prime example of why having an education is so important. Dreams do come true but plans B and C are just important as A.

Nine years' experience

Amare Stoudemire (@Amareisreal)
For all the hard workers, an men who take care of there family. It's ok to take some time off to enjoy life. pic.twitter.com/OYFY8fAG

10 years' experience

Pau Gasol (@paugasol)
Thanks for your loyal support during this period of time. We hope to be able to enjoy the best basketball very soon #endthelockout

Muchas gracias por vuestro apoyo durante este momento. Esperemos poder disfrutar del mejor baloncesto muy pronto #endthelockout

Editor's note: Grammar in the tweets remains as originally tweeted.