Giants tweet joy, fans pity Brady

There's been a lot of smack talk on our conversations and across Twitter this week. In the end, Eli Manning and the Giants own the Super Bowl series against the Patriots. Here's what the players, fans and other athletes had to say about Super Bowl XLVI.

Giants' tweet on win

Prince Amukamara: (@PrinceAmukamara)
Obama we cant wait too see you!!!

Justin Trattou (@Justin_Trattou)
State Champion,National Champion, Super Bowl Champion #WINNING #RingCity and a special thank u to all the people that said I'd never make it

Travis Beckum (@TravisBeckum47)
Hurt my knee...bummer...WORLD CHAMPION...AMAZING!!!!

Chris Canty (@ChrisCanty99)

Domenik Hixon (@domenik_hixon)
2 rings?!?!? Ahhh man thank u God!!!!

Jimmy "Grizz" Kennedy (@Kennedy73)
Thanks for all the support & Love! You guys are the best! Im a Proud New Yorker... Proud Giant! Superbowl Champion! #TEAMGRIZZ #ALLIN

Fan reaction

casualstyle72: Funny how Brady once owned Peyton in the postseason, now Eli owns Brady in the postseason!

That's gotta be tough to swallow for Tom Brady.

stephengx2: Tom Brady played cool under pressure at the end. His receivers? Not so much.

How do you give anyone MVP for this mediocre game? No one stood out above the crowd. Both teams played not to lose, and in the end, we all lost.

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Other athlete reactions on Twitter

Jamal Anderson (@jamthedirtybird)
The Giants, 9-7, are World Champions, again. The have the Patriots number folks. Eli, you passed Elite, in Legendary...

Brian Dawkins (@BrianDawkins)
The crazy thing is. How many times has Coach C gotten up off the hot seat in NY!!

Chris Harris (@ChrisHarrisNFL) Eli has not 1 but 2 super bowl MVP's.............. HOF? #shrugs

JacQuizz Rodgers (@Qui22Rodgers)
That win right there just made Eli legendary..after beating Tom Twice

Ryan Whitney (@ryanwhitney6)
That one hurt. Welker had game in his hands. Win and lose as a team though. So rattled.

Kordell Stewart (@KSlash10)
Those drops made it tough for NE. But for Eli losing his TE's and still playing well. Pretty damn good my friends.

Duane Brown (@DuaneBrown76)
Congrats to the New York Giants! Helluva game and they deserve it. I'll be damned if leave the comforts of my NY home right now lol

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