Fans, athletes remember Bert Sugar

Celebrated boxing writer and sports historian Bert Sugar died Sunday of cardiac arrest. Join us as SportsNation remembers the International Boxing Hall of Famer and sports legend. Share your thoughts below.

Fan reaction

Bert was one of the last remaining bridges to when boxing was the biggest sport in the world. Loved hearing him talk about fights from the first half of last century. RIP and thanks for your contributions to boxing.

Wow...just wow. Sad to hear. He was great. He literally could make a chore like mopping the floor sound great if he spoke about it.

He told the story of boxing better than anyone. I'll light up a Corona and raise a glass in his honor. RIP

He was a regular of mine at a restaurant that i used to tend bar at in midtown manhattan. Great guy w/ great stories. Every other word was a swear but man was he funny and a joy to listen to. RIP, Bert.

IvanPulido: I'm just disappointed that Angelo Dundee and Bert Sugar never got to see Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquaio fight before they passed. May they rest in peace. Floyd and Manny, shame on you guys!!!

Twitter reaction

Dan Rafael (@danrafaelespn)
RIP my good pal Bert Sugar. He was one of a kind. The big fight press rooms (and hotel bars) will never be the same.

Freddie Roach (@FreddieRoach) rest in peace bert sugar. a great friend and a huge loss for boxing

Andre Berto (@AndreBerto)
The Great Bert Sugar you'll always be missed my friend Always... #CigarSwag

Jon Anik (@Jon_Anik)
R.I.P. to the legendary Bert Sugar. Inimitable, irreplaceable and the man who really fueled my interest in boxing.

J.A. Adande (@jadande) Can't imagine covering a big boxing match without Bert Sugar there. I thought he'd be wearing his hats and smoking cigars forever. R.I.P.

Jalen Rose (@jalenrose) RIP Bert Sugar. Boxing Historian & Michigan man #respect

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