Remembering Art Modell

Art Modell, the majority owner of the Browns and Ravens for 43 seasons (1961-2003), has passed away at the age of 87. His NFL colleagues, former players and SportsNation are remembering his legacy. Share your thoughts below.

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    • mikeb748: "RIP Art Modell...thanks for giving the great city of Baltimore the football team it deserved...and if anyone can understand and sympathize with Cleveland about how they feel in regards to Modell and losing a team they loved, ask someone from Baltimore."

    • accrocksthehouse: "As a cleveland brown fan and now a ravens fan, Art Modell should be forgiven by Cleveland and let him rest in peace. He may never go to the Hall of Fame but he loved his team and wanted to best for them."

    • mpramik: "Spurned Cleveland fans can think what they want, but there's no doubt Modell was a good man who did great things for the NFL."

    • canesravens: "RIP Art Modell, thank you for eveything you have done for the city of Baltimore. I am so tired of hearing Browns fan complain. The Browns moved and they got another team 2 years later. Baltimore had to wait 13 years for a new team. Thank you Art for making that happen and realizing how great of a football town Baltimore is!!"

    • Saintfan45: "Mr. Modell may have done alot for the NFL. However, he will always be remembered for moving the Browns. I remember at the time, Cleveland had the most loyal and rabid fans of any team, and what he did was just plain wrong. Had he been a little more patient, he would have got his new stadium. That said, my sincere condoloces to his family."

    • Lucia_D1981: "This is a sad day, but also let's celebrate his life. RIP peace Art and thanks for the Ravens. Sorry to Browns fans. I wish it had all gone differently, and we were just an expansion team. I feel bad becuase you have great fans up there in Lake Erie too"

    • sarowe21752: "What Modell did to the great football city of Cleveland needs to be forgiven. But never forgotten."

    • Simply Walked Into Mordor: "controversial man, probably, but he did his part to progress the overall sport into the mainstream"

    • Laphroaig 30: "I live in Illinois now, but was born and raised in NE Ohio. For more than 30 years I've been following the Browns. Having said that, I will not mourn or celebrate Art Modell's death. I carry no ill-will or sympathy for Modell and his family. He did what he did in 1996 and his legacy is what it is."