Players speak out as win upheld

The Seahawks' controversial win over the Packers on "Monday Night Football" will stand and Seattle's last-second touchdown was correctly not overturned, the NFL says. That doesn't sit well with players and observers who believe the Packers were robbed of a win when Golden Tate was awarded a touchdown on a pass that appeared to have been intercepted by Green Bay's M.D. Jennings. While the NFL was getting most of the criticism, Tate was being singled out as well for accepting the gift TD -- and he responded on Twitter as well, saying he went for the ball and wasn't responsible for the call.

Here's what they're saying on Twitter:

Reaction from players

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β€’ JStheBEAST:"The NFL is just plain wrong, and it's sad they still cannot admit it. They are and its embarassing they still think the right call was made. I hope Goodell, Ray Anderson, and the rest of the NFL executives sleep well at night knowing they are ruining the game of football in the NFL. Made the wrong call here, and they still are supporting the refs. They are blind."

β€’ PackersFanFL:"It was not simultaneous, you're not fooling anybody Goodell. Jennings had the ball to his chest in both arms. Tate had one arm on the ball."

β€’ Milqueman:"Well, that was just about expected. The NFL HAS to defend the officials they hired to call the game."

β€’ scubsfan1980:"The NFL is wrong in not acknowledging that the refs made the wrong call on the field. They hide behind what they call the integrity of the game and in fact they have ruined the integrity and credibility of the game by their non-action and statements. Believe my NFL viewership is going to decline until the officiating problem is fixed."

β€’ balsens:"If you watched the catch in real time it looked like Tate made the catch. In slo mo it was obvious he didn't. The ref called it in real time and he was the closest. The head ref can't reverse that call, he could only check if the receivers feet were in bounds and if he maintained his hold on the ball all the way to the ground, ignoring the Packer receiver, which he has to do. The head refs mistake was not conferring with everyone there. Although the guy with the best view called it touchdown. The guy who signaled interception was in the far corner. Terrible call in slo mo, but understandable in real time."

β€’ chasn702:"Love how the NFL completely ignores the poor call made on the field, and only defends the call made in the replay booth. Ok, I agree with you, NFL...the booth couldn't overturn it. But the call on the field was ridiculous."

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