Theories why Johnny wants to leave

Johnny Manziel doesn't get to hang out with Nolan Ryan in College Station. AP Photo/LM Otero

Johnny Manziel tweeted early Sunday morning that he can't wait to leave College Station.

"Bulls--- like tonight is a reason why I can't wait to leave college station … whenever it may be," he tweeted … and then later deleted. What is it that has Manziel looking forward to leaving the town where he is a hero? Here are 15 guesses.

1. College Station is the only SEC town without a Waffle House.

2. Texas A&M's Evans Library closes at 9 p.m. on Saturday nights and doesn't open again until 9 a.m. Sunday morning.

3. The average weather for College Station in the summer is very uncomfortable, with temperatures in the 90s and high humidity.

4. Free WiFi coverage in College Station is spotty, forcing residents to rely heavily on their cell phone data plans for tweeting, putting photos on Instagram and posting Vines.

5. Opera? College Station doesn't have one.

6. The Cinemark Theatre on Earl Rudder Freeway has no showing of "Man of Steel" after 9:40 p.m.

7. Texas A&M's beef jerky store is closed after 6 p.m. and isn't open at all on the weekends.

8. Taking a tour of the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum costs nine bucks if you forget your student ID.

9. College Station is not one of the stops on Drake's new tour.

10. Stores in College Station charge you $64.98 to buy your own jersey.

11. College Station's Easterwood Airport has no direct flights to Miami, Los Angeles or New York.

12. The Chili's at 1063 South Texas Ave. doesn't give you a free flatbread if you don't have a coupon for one, even if your "coupon" is the Heisman Trophy.

13. They don't let you shoot ducks at any of the College Station city parks.

14. Some girls in College Station insist they have boyfriends.

15. Sometimes cattle escape from nearby ranches and leave piles on the College Station sidewalks where a Heisman-winning quarterback can be walking along and accidentally step into it, ruining his brand new pair of sneakers.