Gallo: College tailgating recipes

Food, drinks and fellow fans decked out in the colors of your favorite team make for a good tailgate. AP Photo/Amy Sancetta

College football season and tailgating go hand in hand. But why not take your tailgate to the next level with some food and drink recipes made with the college football fan in mind?

Here are 10 recipes for your next college football tailgate.

Saban Steak Sliders

Put a bunch of pieces of Grade A steak on the grill. Do not turn on the grill. Just scowl and glare at the meat until the white-hot heat of your scorn and disappointment sets them aflame. Cook until someone douses you and the grill with Gatorade.

American Athletic Conference Chili

Get a bunch of leftovers out of the fridge that no one wanted. Dump them all into a pot, stir them together and warm. Then hope for the best.

Jadeveon Clowney Tailgate Feast

Show up at a tailgate and hit someone as hard as you possibly can, preferably launching them backward several feet. Now everyone else at the tailgate will fear you. Tell them to bring you food and drinks for the rest of the day or they're next.

Bo Pelini Veal Burgers

Get some young meat, grind it up, form it into patties and put it on the grill. But first marinate the meat with your signature sauce: your spit, dispersed by screaming as long and loud as you can.

SEC Nonconference Cupcakes

Bake a batch of cupcakes and use icing to decorate the cupcakes with the team logos of Austin Peay, Murray State, Samford, Furman and other SEC nonconference opponents.

Oregon Burgers

Use Grade A beef patties and cook them on the grill. The important part is the presentation. Instead of a traditional bun, try pita bread. Or lettuce. Or whatever you want. Get weird. Can a bun be two CDs you have laying around? Can a bun be a couple of bedazzled drink coasters? Sure, why not. The point is to get your burger noticed. Note: This recipe can also be modified using scrap meat and an eye-catching bun. Those are called Maryland Burgers.

Urban Meyer Sushi

Serve up a bunch of raw meat. If anyone gets violently ill, make the point that you did all you could do.

BCS Title Game Combo

Make a table full of delicious food: meat, appetizers, grilled vegetables, salsa and desserts. It should look like a feast fit for a king. But only let everyone put two of the items on their plate.

NCAA Lemonade

Get some neighborhood kids to make a batch of lemonade. Set up a table and some chairs so they can sell the lemonade. Keep all of the money they make. Send them on their way content with the knowledge that you taught them about running a business.

Johnny Manziel Sun Tea

Sign some autographs in exchange for a glass pitcher, tea bags and mint. Fill the pitcher with the tea bags, mint and water. Let it sit in the sun for one half. Then serve and enjoy!