No. 94: Philadelphia 76ers

Last year's rank: 21
Title track: 100
Ownership: 80
Coaching: 112
Players: 113
Fan relations: 102
Affordability: 64
Stadium Experience 92
Bang for the Buck 58

“I just hope the Sixers get back to playoff basketball next season!” said no Philly fan ever. Seriously, would any fan base in the country be as over the moon with a .200 winning percentage as Philadelphia’s? The Sixers missed the playoffs last season but hauled in a pretty decent consolation prize: a much-lauded draft, anchored by potential franchise center Nerlens Noel. Sure, they lost their All-Star point guard in Jrue Holiday, but they walked away with something equally precious: a 2014 first-round pick from the Pelicans. The Sixers are in the midst of a total reboot, and that should sit well in the City of Brotherly Love. Look no further than the team’s ultimate standings tank job. The Sixers took a nosedive to 94th overall (a pretty steep drop from last year’s promising 21st) and ranked in the bottom third of all NBA teams in title track, ownership, coaching, players, fan relations and stadium experience. The rankings in coaching and players took the most notable drops, losing a combined 172 spots. In related news, Andrew Bynum never took the court in a Sixers uniform, but he did manage to do additional damage to his knees while attempting a little 10-pin at a bowling alley in November. (Seriously.) But come the season, Philly fans once again will gear up for yet another tank job. Calling Andrew Wiggins ...