No. 91: Chicago Bears

Last year's rank: 76
Title track: 57
Ownership: 73
Coaching: 94
Players: 67
Fan relations: 88
Affordability: 108
Stadium experience: 97
Bang for the buck: 76

With NFL stadiums, bigger isn't always better (we're looking at you, Jerry); however, smaller is almost assuredly worse. The Bears are the perfect example: At 61,500 seats, Soldier Field was the NFL's smallest venue in 2012. Combine limited ticket supply with the league's second-biggest market, and it's not surprising that Bears fans aren't thrilled. Average season-ticket prices rose 8 percent to a whopping $1,529 (an average single ticket, $110.91, is fourth-highest in the NFL) and parking -- priced at an absurd $49 (nearly 80 percent above league average) -- was the second most expensive in all of pro sports. In fact, the Bears had above-average prices on all the items we tracked, which included everything from beer to hats. It adds up to a fourth consecutive season with an affordability ranking above 100. And a new coach and an aging defense won't do anything to alleviate that pain.