No. 15: Denver Broncos

Last year's rank: 38
Title track: 26
Ownership: 16
Coaching: 37
Players: 25
Fan relations: 29
Affordability: 61
Stadium experience: 53
Bang for the buck: 12

Among NFL teams, only the Packers and Ravens scored higher than the Broncos. Now imagine what could have happened if they hadn't blown the AFC divisional playoff game in the final minute. A year of Peyton Manning did wonders for the Broncos, who moved up 23 spots in the Ultimate Standings. It's safe to assume the chatter of the delusional fans who thought Tim Tebow was a better option than Manning (even a Manning post-four neck operations) has almost completely quieted after Manning's stellar season. The Broncos finished in the top half of every category, none higher than bang for the buck (12).

Look no further than the Broncos' record at home. Denver was 7-1 (in the regular season) last year, a year after going 3-5. In fact, it was Denver's first winning season at home since 2007 and its best home mark since 2005. The Mile High City used to be one of the best home-field advantages in the league, and the experience is tremendous as well. Writes Rich Kurtzman of stadiumjourney.com, "Three jumbotrons are smartly located in the South end zone and in the Northeast and Northwest corners, giving any attendee a chance to catch replays easily. Concourses are huge, with a plethora of food and drink vendors and bathrooms, making quick breaks a possibility. And the addition of steel floors -- called 'Rocky Mountain Thunder' -- are a tribute to Mile High and allow fans to get the new stadium shaking and noisy." And based on Week 1, MHS is going to get plenty loud.