No. 65: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last year's rank: 97
Title track: 29
Ownership: 71
Coaching: 48
Players: 69
Fan relations: 81
Affordability: 63
Stadium experience: 70
Bang for the buck: 63

The Bucs did their namesake proud last season. Even though the league sent out an SOS after Greg Schiano's defense cannonballed through the Giants' "victory formation" in Week 2, Tampa Bay's fan base dug it (26-spot bump in coaching). After all, getting outscored by 207 points in 2011 built up some aggression. As offensive guard Davin Joseph put it, 2012 was like "going from a country club to a place where we conduct football business." Fans still revel in being the only Sunshine State franchise to win a Super Bowl in 39 years, but only two home games were televised last season (thanks to sub-85 percent home attendance). Heck, even the Jags outdrew the Bucs by almost 10,000 fans per game. Fortunately for TV viewers, "Muscle Hamster" Doug Martin did his damage on the road when he became the first player in NFL history with three 45-plus-yard TD runs in a single game in a 42-32 win at Oakland. To combat apathy, the front office is holding ticket prices steady for the fifth straight season, even reducing 35 percent of seats, and leaving $30 season-pass options for adults and $15 for kids on the table. The on-field riches are also being replenished: Last season it was wide receiver Vincent Jackson; this season the team rescued corner Darrelle Revis. The last time a disgruntled Jets star (Keyshawn "Just Give Me the Damn Ball" Johnson) packed up for Tampa, he ended up lifting the Lombardi trophy. So remember, young Bucs: When it's time to plunder, target ships that are already going down.