No. 114: Milwaukee Bucks

Last year's rank: 104
Title track: 122
Ownership: 113
Coaching: 120
Players: 119
Fan relations: 113
Affordability: 52
Stadium experience: 115
Bang for the buck: 74

If only the NBA crowned mediocrity, the Milwaukee Bucks would have been your 2012-13 champions! A perennial fringe playoff-maker, Milwaukee has a knack for narrowly missing the postseason or eking into it as the eighth seed, only to pull a one-and-done as evidenced by the franchise's five first-round series losses in the past 11 seasons. Said owner Herb Kohl in June: "It doesn't mean, as some people have thought, that I'm satisfied with mediocrity. I'm not." Well, Mr. Kohl, it seems more than "some" remain unconvinced, with the Bucks crash-landing to 122nd in title track. That's dead last for those keeping score at home. Unfortunately, that's not all. The Bucks drew 100-plus in the rankings for overall standings, ownership, coaching, players, fan relations and stadium experience, meaning the highlight of being a Bucks fan these days is the 5 percent-lower-than-average ticket price. Ooof. To Milwaukee's credit, a host of fresh faces will call the Bradley Center home this fall.

Through August, the team brought in an NBA-high 11 roster additions, bid farewell to flawed stars Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings and enlisted Larry Drew, former Atlanta Hawks head coach, to take on the same role in Brew City. All that said, the Bucks likely will barrel toward another middle-of-the-pack finish this season, portending another early playoff exit and another high-lottery-pick-missed-opportunity. Fear the deer? Right. Try, sneer the deer.