No. 107: Dallas Cowboys

Last year's rank: 86
Title track: 48
Ownership: 88
Coaching: 107
Players: 102
Fan relations: 109
Affordability: 114
Stadium experience: 77
Bang for the buck: 108

The prices aren't changing -- at least not any time soon. After all, Jerry World won't pay for itself. But the growing discontent among Cowboys fans extends far beyond $75 parking (highest in pro sports by more than $25) and $164 tickets (52 percent above the NFL average). After a second straight 8-8 season, one rankled fan draped a Tony Romo jersey over a washing machine, hauled it out onto his property, filled it with explosives and detonated it with a rifle shot. Much like Romo, he was a bit of a scattershot, missing twice before hitting on his third attempt. As usual, Jerry Jones found himself a target of criticism, his approval rating coming in at fourth worst in the NFL. That and Jones' hiring -- and continued support -- of hand-picked coach Jason Garrett. In the "have a strong leader as coach" category, Garrett's score was the lowest in the league. Still, despite a front office in turmoil and a coach who could be on the outs, Dallas fans ranked the franchise 48th overall in the title track category. Maybe they think Romo can dodge a few more bullets.