No. 97: Miami Dolphins

Last year's rank: 110
Title track: 81
Ownership: 106
Coaching: 66
Players: 88
Fan relations: 101
Affordability: 89
Stadium experience: 109
Bang for the buck: 65

The on-the-field product (sort of) appears to be heading in the right direction. At least the Fins finally have a young quarterback with some promise. Off the field, though? Ugh. The Dolphins are in the bottom quarter of NFL teams -- again. Compared to all teams in every sport, across every category, they didn't finish in the top half an any category. But hey ... they redesigned their logo to make the Dolphin heading upward. That should make a big difference for a team that hasn't won a playoff game since 2000.

At least Miami's ticket prices are lower (let's not get crazy, only by 7 bucks) than the league average and it was one of just seven teams to reduce costs (taking inflation into account) from last season. The Dolphins went on a spending frenzy in the offseason, signing Mike Wallace ($27 million guaranteed), Dannell Ellerbe ($14M), Phillip Wheeler ($13M), Brent Grimes ($3M) and Dustin Keller ($2.25M), who unfortunately suffered a season-ending injury in the preseason. With the Patriots seemingly more vulnerable than ever before, a top spot in the pathetic AFC East could be attainable. Even though the stadium is one of the worst in football, it would be nice for fans to cheer for a team heading upward.