No. 20: Atlanta Falcons

Last year's rank: 41
Title track: 53
Ownership: 23
Coaching: 32
Players: 33
Fan relations: 42
Affordability: 58
Stadium experience: 78
Bang for the buck: 5

At this point, the Georgia Dome is like a lame-duck quarterback as it waits to be replaced by a shinier $1 billion version of itself in the not-too-distant future. Believe it or not, this is Atlanta's highest stadium experience ranking (78th) since 2006, but until 2017 -- the tentative open date of Atlanta's newest landmark -- the Dome will remain a constant sticking point for Falcons fans. So it's a good thing they are apparently willing to look past a dim dome just to watch Matt Ryan deliver bombs to Roddy White and Julio Jones. Yes, a 13-win season and NFC championship appearance have calmed the clamoring fan base -- so much so that expensive seats (season tickets saw a 10 percent bump in 2012) did little to impact the Falcons' bang for the buck ranking (fifth overall and best in the NFL). Because when that new dome goes up, and with it game costs (somebody's got to pay for that retractable roof), fans are going to keep expecting winners.