No. 67: Philadelphia Flyers

Last year's rank: 55
Title track: 66
Ownership: 48
Coaching: 45
Players: 60
Fan relations: 48
Affordability: 97
Stadium Experience 67
Bang for the Buck 99

This is the ninth year we've included NHL teams in our rankings, and each time we ask Flyers fans about ticket prices, they give us the same answer: Too expensive. Here are the Flyers' rankings in the affordability category over the past nine years: 96, 100, 78, 83, 87, 90, 114, 102 and 103. Last season alone, their average ticket ($71.59) was over 17 percent more expensive than the league average.

But as much as Flyers fans like to harp on ticket prices, they haven't stopped filling up the Wells Fargo Center. Philly's attendance has ranked in the NHL's top four every season since 2007, despite reaching only one Stanley Cup Finals in the past 15 seasons. Dare we say it: Blind loyalty is alive and well in Philly -- of all places.