No. 1: Memphis Grizzlies

Last year's rank: 5
Title track: 54
Ownership: 30
Coaching: (T) 14
Players: 2
Fan relations: 8
Affordability: 2
Stadium experience: 7
Bang for the buck: 2

Shocked to see a team at No. 1 that hasn't won a championship, has a new owner, CEO and coach and didn't even finish first in any of the categories we rank? Don't be. At a time when fans are looking for a direct return on their investment, the Grizzlies just won 56 games and made the Western Conference finals with ticket prices averaging only $29.49, second cheapest in the NBA. Memphis fans identify with the grit of their hardworking players and love the FedExForum experience. And new owner Robert Pera, the 35-year-old billionaire founder of Ubiquiti Networks, has pledged to keep the team in Memphis and accessible to local fans while he expands the Grizzlies' reach -- and revenues -- across the Mid-South. The result is an across-the-board triumph: The Grizzlies ranked among the top 10 teams in 13 of the 25 areas in which we polled fans. They are our first-place franchise, and even better for Grizz fans, the best is probably yet to come.