No. 44: Cleveland Indians

Last year's rank: 66
Title track: 99
Ownership: 95
Coaching: 22
Players: 54
Fan relations: 65
Affordability: 17
Stadium experience: 37
Bang for the buck: 24

Numbers are down at the Prog -- in a good way. No team in baseball lowered its game-day cost more than the Indians (11.9 percent): The price of beer dropped 27 percent (from $5.50 to $4), soda is down 40 percent (from $5 to $3), dogs are down 29 percent (from $4.25 to $3) -- even ticket prices are down (nearly a buck on average). About the only thing that's up (besides attendance) is the home team's winning percentage: Through Sept. 15, the Tribe was 13 games over .500, a near lock to break the even-water mark for the first time since 2007. As you'd expect, Cleveland clamorers are smitten with new skipper Terry Francona (coaching, 22) for righting the ship. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the two-time World Series champ has local ties -- he grew up just 90 minutes southeast of Comeback City (in New Brighton, Pa.), and both he (1988) and his pops (1959-64) rocked an Indians uni back in the day. In other words, dude is down with C-Town. And vice versa.